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Our student pages provide resources and information for students to sucessfully design and impelement an individual research project. (more)

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Our teacher page contains resources to guide them and their students in acitve inquiry and science research. more

Science Education
Foundation of Indiana, Inc.

SEFI is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage and assist young people to become scientists and engineers and to practice their professions in Indiana. The membership of the Board of Directors is committed to enhance both science education and the public perception of science in Indiana.

Our mission is to strengthen and expand the STEM network in Indiana by encouraging and assisting students to become actively engaged in high quality research and exploration so that these individuals may go on to contribute to Indiana professionally, socially and economically. Our efforts include the State Science Fair as well as our signature Celebrate Science event for the families and youth of Indiana. For more information, please visit our event website.

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